Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In other news..... TLC just contacted me to apply for Extreme Couponing!


Just received a Message from TLC Extreme Couponing! They saw my Stockpile Pics and want me to send in an application! 

Tony says Go For It!

I'm saying No Way and Freaking Out! But Excited too!

What are your thoughts?!


  1. Go for it girl!!!! :-)

  2. Thanks for the Encouragement! I'm still thinking about it, have til 1/31 to decide! I guess after that none of you will know until you see my TV Debut LOL


  4. Kourtenay Barnard MainJanuary 27, 2011 at 1:00 AM

    Jenny...that is amazing!

    One word of caution..make sure that you let the producer/film crew know your purpose of why you do it. I have a feeling they want everyone that is on the show to look like a "grocery" freak..that would be a concern. Be sure to have a guideline written out before hand that you can refer to.

    I would imagine they want a certain amount of just beware. Stay on point with things like, "We work HARD for our money and if I can save a little using coupons, then it's worth it to me!" ..or something like that. Be very clear and concise...short and to the point. Don't give them too much personal information about you, your family income etc. while they are filming. People tend to get "overly chatty" because of all the cameras and excitement.

    Also, know ahead of time, you could be slaughtered with emails, questions and all kinds of people coming at be prepared for it. This could grow exponentially which could be a VERY good thing, or NOT, depending if you're ready for it. That's something only you can answer. ;)

    I'm not at all trying to take the wind out of your sails...but I really appreciate your help and I would hate it if you weren't given any warning flags to watch out for.

    Questions to ask TLC would be:
    Do I have to sign a contract?.....will I be compensated for my time?..will I be given any residual income should they repeat the show at a later time? How much creative control/creative influence would I have? You may even want to contact a lawyer..because in the end, they just want a show...but they usually don't go out of their way to protect your interests.

    I do think it's a great opportunity...and if you decide to do it I want you to have a great experience!

    Please keep us posted as we are all rooting for you hun!!!

  5. Thanks Everyone!

    Kourtenay - The site that I learned everything I know from, and am now a Forum Leader on is owned by someone who was on the first show, and 1 of the members was on it as well. Trust me - I know the back side of it and all of the negative light that could come to me :) That is why I am taking a day or so to think it over. They have already seen my stockpile pics and so I just need to submit a few more things for them to review.

    Thank You for your concern though - You sound like someone who has been through it!

  6. Go for it! At least apply and if they want you to be on the show then you cane worry about a decision! :)

  7. Kourtenay Barnard MainJanuary 27, 2011 at 4:44 PM

    That's good Jenny...hey, us gals have to watch out for each other!

    What ever the decision, I wish you nothing but the deserve it!!
    If you do it, I'll be the first one yelling at the tv, "That's my face book friend Jenny!!!" :D

    BTW, I really like this site a've done a great job with it!!!

  8. Wow, I'm gonna know a TV star!!! HOW cool is that!!! :) j-b